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Yes im not an script expert,and yes im change my name

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Forum Thread : Custom Wordlist ??

Hey Guys,i've got some question to ask we use crunch or cupp to generate wordlist,right.. my question is,how to make a wordlist that dont mess our word, example : i want to make a wordlist with "ghina" word and add some numbers like 123,how to make the word still "ghina" and ...more

Forum Thread : No Wifi Card Found on Kali Linux

Hello Guys,im newbie here and just starting use kali linux,and i got some problem,im use win7 and kali linux dual boot on my pc,my problem is,when checking my wlan thing,(i dont know what its called) with iwconfig ,its say no wlan was found,im found this problem when tryn to ...more

Forum Thread : Dosing Single Target?

hello guys,its about a month i didnt show up, i've got something to ask,and im very appreciate for anyone who answer my question.... my question is,: can i dosing single target with thousand of words?? my os is kali linux thats it,hope u guys come to help,thanks for reading

Forum Thread : Broken Sources.list

Hello,guys,still playing with some linux machine and got some problem, my brother read some tutorial on google and now my sources.list is broke.i cant update n install new tools, can i get some clearly explanation because im not really understand how to fix this in kali linux ...more

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