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I'm a 21 year old housewife with a million ideas for costumes and no room or money to make them. Renaissance festivals are like crack to me, and I'm fascinated by the Steampunk aesthetic. If I'm not sewing, I'm cooking, and if I'm not doing that then I'm leveling my gnome warlock on World of Warcraft. If my husband is awake and has taken back the computer, then I'm typically watching Heroes or sketching out costume ideas... Or both.

  • Location: OKC

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Forum Thread : Costuming a Wedding

First off, I'm so sorry it's taken over a month to get this uploaded! The only pictures I knew the location of were on my dad's network an hour and a half away or on Facebook, and none of those were ones I wanted to show off. A lot of "Ooh, pretty! *click*" that didn't really ...more

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