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I don't want to bore you with my life story so I will instead get to the heart of what I am about. I love the internet and am always willing to experiment with random ideas and what the internet has to offer. We all have to connect with each other to help us make it in this world. Why be limited to interactions that are within a 20 mile radius of us, when we have access to the whole world on the internet.

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Forum Thread : Bicycle Seating Position

This is my understanding of how to adjust a bicycle seat on a standard upright bicycle, but if you want a very ergonomic seating on a bicycle, then purchase a recumbent bicycle. We always want to have a mechanism or possession to be as valuable and high functioning as possible ...more

Forum Thread : One Large Serving of Origami

I enjoy the oriental art of folding paper into other dimensions of creation. Most of these were created using origami paper, but a few of them were made using construction paper. At the time I was finding origami to be something to wrap my mind around and to make me relaxed. V ...more

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