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Forum Thread : Kali Packages in Ubuntu?

Hi. Can the Kali packages for the most important tools be installed in Ubuntu, or are the tools available via ubuntu repos? Seems that getting my wifi(bcm43142) to work in kali would be really annoying, but Ubuntu has a matching driver. I have been working with Ubuntu quite ...more

Forum Thread : Kali and Broadcom BCM43142

Hi. My new laptop arrived today. Everything (Windows 10, Kali) works fine, except for one thing: I can not install the wifi driver for the bcm43142 in Kali. It works fine in Windows, but so far, I had no success with it in Kali. I have tried multiple workarounds (installing ...more

Forum Thread : Kali vs ParrotOS

Hi. I am about to get a new notebook. I will dual boot Windows 10 and Linux. Recently, I am using Kali Linux on my old notebook, but I would like to try out ParrotOS. Does ParrotOS generally have the same set of tools as Kali? E.g. aircrack-ng, btscanner, metasploit, maltego ...more

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