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Forum Thread : Unreal Engine 4 to Fully Support Gpu Physx

Epic announced that it's new and powerful engine now relies on PhysX library as it's physics engine. The library comes with GPU accelerated physics effects that can be enabled on NVIDIA hardware, and can be used by a ny game sporting Unreal Engine 4 if the developer chooses to.

Forum Thread : How to Draw a Flower

Video: . Lets draw a flower this project is a digitally drawn image in Photoshop that is recomposed in Adobe after effect to give it the simulation of being naturally drawn by hand on real-time i wish you enjoy it

Forum Thread : Vital Signs.... what are they?

Many of us may had heard before that..... Mr. Brown has a normal vital signs while Mrs Green has abnormal vital signs.... Medical vital signs are mainly four in number; they include Pulse Blood pressure Respiratory rate Temperature Some sources; consider that ...... Urine ...more

Forum Thread : Aspirin; A magical drug.

Almost, no one on our planet had never administrated aspirin. A well look on drugs and incidence of their use all over the world considered; aspirin is considered the number one on the list. Regarding that, we Invite you to a discussion on aspirin, their uses and it's possibl ...more

Forum Thread : Hypertension?!

Many of us hear a lot of talks about hypertension while others suffer from it.  From that point of view. We open a group talks for sharing knowledge, speak about every one own experience and to correct wrong knowledge about it.

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