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Kali Linus Error : Permission Denied

Im on root, running Kali 2.0 on Debian-64, Every time I try to test out an insatgram Brute forcer (.py script) I get the error: Permission Denied root@kali:~# cd Desktop root@kali:~/Desktop# ls armitage DVWA-1.0.8 fb-bruter.pl password.txt ddos-script-master facebook.py insta ...more

Forum Thread : Python Beginner Scripting?

Ok so , I'm trying to make a very very very simple Python 3.4 program because I'm just starting out, so please try to dumb things down for me, so the program just asks you for your name and asks you what's 2+ 2, it goes like this x = rawinput ("what is your name?") Print ("ni ...more

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