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Forum Thread : Metasploit and Armitage Port Forward

hello i want to learn kali and Metasploit so i installed virtualbox and kali linux 2.0 on my windows 10 did i have to open port to use Metasploit and Armitage ? and how to open it on virtualbox and windows my router is Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-Q, if i have to do something in it h ...more

Forum Thread : Ip Hack

hi is there any way to hack remote windows pc if i know the ip and open ports in the system and how i hack that pc if it connected to router

Forum Thread : Brute-Force

hi how to brute force login web page ? i mean i have user name for someone and login page online and i want to do brute force password on that page thank you

Forum Thread : (LG Optimus L4 II E440) Recovery Error

i have problem with my phone recovery, when boot to recovery i just see blank page with android and red triangle, i think i delete recovery files or something like that how to get into the recovery menu ? help me please and sorry for my bad english thank you

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