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Forum Thread : Study of DDOS

Hello guys, So im doing a university work about DDOS. More specifically the financial impact of DDOS atacks. Any of you know some good articles, specially cientific articles talking about this subject. And the recent tecnologies and thecniques to stop this atacks Ty and hav ...more

Forum Thread : Exploits for Open Ports

Hello guys, Well, in a LAN cenário, lets say we do some reccon and we find a host with those normal ports opened like 135 -msrpc 139- netbios 445 - microsoft ds among others, is there any new exploits and good articles about this matter?

Forum Thread : Own VPN Server

Hello guys, Is it advantageous to buy cloud computing services and run there a VPN or proxy, running services like OpenVPN or even python home made server's. Are cloud connections fast? I'm think in this because home made food is always better then restaurant food right? In ...more

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