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Amateur Pentesting Student, Developer, and Linux Ethusiast.

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Forum Thread : Several Questions

This is more of a hypothetical question: Is there a way at all to hack a computer with metasploit without any interaction with the victim at all? I mean by not sending a payload, anything embedded with a payload, but by just knowing their IP address? I know that ms0867netapi e ...more

Forum Thread : C++ Exploit Building?

I am very interested in building exploits in C++. I understand that I have to implement a sockets library when working with servers . Are there any resources that I can use? I am really looking for make hacking tools, command-line based or GUI based, not really buffer overflows.

Forum Thread : C++, Hacking Websites, Someone Help?

I have a few questions. Bear with me :). I have finished learning C++ from the basics (cout, if/else, while loops, etc.) to the a little more "advanced" topics (unary binary resolution operators, function templates, fstream). I feel that I have quite enough knowledge on C++, ...more

Forum Thread : Arduino?

I've noticed that there is a section in the Kali lInux menu called hardware, with the usage of arduino, hence the arduino IDE. What is the purpose of it? I understand the fundamentals of arduino as well as arduino shields, so I might think it has something to do with hacking ...more

Forum Thread : Next Steps

I want some advice from the experts and more advanced: What should I go about next? If you've read some of my posts I assume you know some of the stuff I understand and some of the stuff I can do. However, here is a compiled list: -I know how to install Kali Linux off a USB, ...more

Forum Thread : Meterpreter on WAN

I asked a classmate if I can hack his computer after he recently built it and he said yes. I configured my Verizon router for to be a DMZ host. If I were to set up a meterpreter payload where my LHOST was and my LPORT to be 4444 and have my victim, w ...more

Forum Thread : What Happened to Slowloris?

Hmm... I recently watched a presentation on DDOS, their layers, and their many players (lulsec, the j3st3r) and it mentioned Slowloris. I have not used slowloris in about a 4 months. I was able to execute the perl script on iOS, but I wanted it for my Kali Linux distro. Howeve ...more

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