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Forum Thread : How to Get Infos from an IP?

I have been looking for a way to get accurate information (IP , Location, OS , Browser) from only a link. Once the target clicks on the link , I can get all the basic information about what he is running on his machine ? The question is : Do you know good websites that give a ...more

Forum Thread : Evading IDS (Fragmented IP Packets

In order to scan a network , we have to bypass the firewall or IDS systems . However , I found that the old techniques of nmap / P0f do not work most of the time with the strong & new firewalls or IDS . My question is there a way to craft fragmented packets with certain time d ...more

Forum Thread : Bypass Login Page in Javascript

I am trying to bypass the login webpage and change it to go directly to the desired page. In the example below, I want change the path of login page to readings page "https://cwscity.wordpress.com/readings/" without using the password Any ideas where should I focus on , Part1 ...more

Forum Thread : Zombie Scanning / Idle

I would like to know how to find a good zombie host for scanning a local wireless network . I have tried many times but I get firewall errors I have used nmap -sI Ipaddress -P0 IP address

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