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i have a computer sitting on another network,i managed to exploit the system and uploaded a netcat backdoor on target system. Target computer has a dynamic ip,ip address changes every time router restarts... so trying to connect to backdoor doesnt work. my question is what d ...more

Forum Thread : Cobalt Strike Problem

i installed cobalt strike on a amzon ec2 server,was working good for some days,today when i try to start the teamserver i get this error: Warning: checkError(): java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused at server.sl:468 suggestions please

Forum Thread : Ideals?

i have been reading about vehicle tracking systems,i was wondering will it be possible to be possible to jam the connection so the gps device is not able to communicate? if possible a link which explains the entire process . Thanks

Forum Thread : Hi Guys,

I tried accessing a admin panel and a mysql server, but i get a error: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is not allowed to access this page? how can i spoof the source ip and get access to the page or server?? i tried using iptables didnt workout for me.... suggestions please iptables -t nat -A ...more

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