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??an? yo? ?or g?v?ng ?e ???? oppor??n??y ?o ?n?rod?ce ?y?el?. ? a? ro?an ?e?ra and ? a? 22 year? o? age. ? ?ave co?ple?ed ?y college ???d?e? ?'ve ?nder?a?en prac??cal ?ra?n?ng a? ?.a.n.?. ?or ??e per?od o? 9?n?? now ? ?ave a only one a?? o? ?y l??e ?o ?eco?e grea? e???cal ?a?er ! ? a? a ?ard wor??ng per?on , a?????o??, good ?ea? player, ?a?? learner, a? well a? a good l???ener ? alway? a?? ??g? ?n w?a? ? do and ? cope well ?nder pre???re. ?y ??ronge?? po?n? ?? ??a? ? alway? ?andle ??re?? well. ?

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