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I am learning C and Python now and studying for CWA

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Forum Thread : How to Hack OSX?

I do known that Mac can be hacked and sometimes is easier than windows, but i haven't seem a useful way to hack OSX so far. Meterpreter and even zeus botnet have no mac versions... So how to hack mac? use RAT or MITM?

Forum Thread : Need HF Tuts

Hey,fellows. I want to read some tuts from hackforums.net but I really can't access it. Is anyone who can access it and copy some tuts from HF and then give me or share here?

Forum Thread : Problem About Hashcat

I read OTW's article about hashcat and tried it by myself,but it seems something was wrong in my steps and i can't get the password.Here are the screenshots. And when i open cracked.txt after using hashcat,there's nothing in it.

Forum Thread : Can't Reset My MYSQL Password

Hi,everyone! I use mysql at the first time,and when i try to login,it needs password which is not "toor".So i search it online and find the answer:i need to reset my password...then i followed this articlehttp://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/recover-mysql-root-password.html But when ...more

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