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???????? ?????????????? . . . ? ?????????? ??????? ???? ?????????? " ? ????????? " Im A 14 Years old Dude .... Graphic Designers , Photographer , Hacker , Learning Merchant Art ... ( Its art Yeah ) .... I Speak English And arabic ..... Dosent Like Less talk People ... I love to be funny and I Always Laugh and I Hate Desperate People .... I respect Every one so Yeah Everyone Respect me ... Going To Do Any Thing To Win The People In My Side .... Hate The Doube Agent Friends ..... Love To Make Ne

  • Location: Cairo, Egypt

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Forum Thread : Using Online Password Cracking??

Hello , i want to ask about something , when we are into getting for an example a victim , i know his/her name , phone number , boy/girlfriend's name , date of birth , which all is a possible passwords or a part of it , is it possible to find a script that can do that for face ...more

Forum Thread : About Commands in Meterpreter

hello , now i reached the point of having a live meterpreter to the victim's phone , can i access their photos and download it ? and can i access passwords ( facebook / instagram ) or anything like that , and if not , can i plant a keylogger or something alike into their phon ...more

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